Day 13, Dresden, Germany: Through the looking glass

Tuesday, November 13

Opened in 2002, the Transparent Factory in Dresden was a no-expense spared production site for the Volkswagen Phaeton. Parquet flooring, bright wood where the carsĀ  were up in the air, dark wood where tires touched. Dresden also handled the final assembly of the Bentley Flying Spur.

Park setting: The Glaeserne Manufactur in Dresden Click here to visit via Google Maps.

The Phaeton was ahead of its times (it was a hit in China, though.)

Its demise brought the fancy factory to a close in 2016.

Reopened, Dresden handles the low volume final assembly of the all-electric Volkswagen e-Golf. Like back with the Phaeton, bodies of the car come from the nearby Zwickau plant, where the heavy lifting, stamping, and welding is taking place. MAAS enthusiasts will note that the bodies are brought by tram.

We will spend the night in either Berlin, or Prague. Still figuring it out.





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