Direct Transfer Howto.




First of, let’s deal with possible trust issues. Your money goes to H2 Events in Prague. If you are worried about “sending money to some guys in Prague,” don’t  be:  H2 Events is a trusted event contractor for Volkswagen, Group, Skoda, Porsche, McDonald’s, and many more. If they pass the scrutiny of those purchasing depts., they aren’t golden, they are titanium.

If bank transfers sound utterly alien to you, you can always pay the higher price, and go with PayPaL, or credit card. We were trying to save you tons of money via direct transfers. But if you sleep better with plastic, please do,

Direct transfer from bank to bank is the preferred way of payment in most parts of the world, except for isolated pockets you-know-where. This sheet helps you to send payment for your MagicalMysteryPlantTour tickets directly, and to save money doing it.

What you will do is an International Wire Transfer.

If you have a business, give the sheet to your accounting department, they know what to do. If  Accounting needs an invoice to release the money, request one at [email protected]

If you are on your own, print the instructions that follow, take them to your bank, and ask for a wire transfer. Or sit down at your on-line banking, and do it yourself.

Make sure that the data are entered EXACTLY as below.  Delayed or rejected wire tranfers usually are caused bey the wrong information entered.

Transfer Instructions
From account: (Your bank account)
Amount: EUR 5875.00 (Or EUR 11,750.00 if booking for two)
Payees’s name: Your name
Payee’s address: Your address
Beneficiary Bank Name: Raiffeisenbank
Beneficiary Bank Address: Hvezdova 1716 2b 14078 Prague 4 Czech Republic
Beneficiary Bank Code: 5500
Beneficiary account number: 223423
Beneficiary acct name: H2 EVENTS
Beneficiary address: H2 Events SRO VINOHRADSKA 2396 184 PRAGUE 3 VINOHRADY
IBAN: CZ3755000000000000223423
Purpose of payment: Travel and lodging MMPT
Local charges charged to: Debit account
Overseas charges charged to: Debit account
Notify: [email protected]

(Important: Local and overseas charges must be charged to debit account, to avoid that less than the whole amount arrives at the other end.)

Once done, please send an email to [email protected] and tell them that the money is on its way. If you have received a reference number for the transfer, please include it in the email.

That’s it. Thank you!

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